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TV freezing

If you are experiencing channel freezing, i.e the image remains static or flickers then try the following:

  1. Try changing to a different TV channel to see if the picture improves. If it’s only occurring on one channel, the problem’s likely to be with that particular broadcaster. Wait for a few minutes and then try the channel you were watching again.
  2. Loose cable connections can affect your TV signal, which reduces the quality of TV picture. Please sure that your cables are properly connected
  3. Try re-starting your modem/TV as below:
    1. Switch off both modem and TV decoder
    2. Wait 5 minutes
    3. Switch on the modem
    4. Wait modem to synchronise i.e for the lights to become green and stop blinking
    5. Now switch on the TV decoder
    6. Make sure you are on the right input channel (RGB or HDMI – depending on the cable connection)
    7. Now wait for the automatic configuration to end
    8. You should now be seeing the my.t environment on your TV

If you are still having problems, please call 8902 for remote troubleshooting