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my.t TV app is the easiest way to watch up to 48 channels available on my.t TV via on your smartphone or tablet, anywhere, anytime. However, the availability of channels you can watch, will depend on your TV package subscription.
my.t TV app is only available to my.t 4K Smart Box customer.
You can swap your existing decoder for the 4K Smart Box or subscribe to the TV & Broadband offers with 4K Smart Box.
To swap your existing decoder for the 4K Smart Box, you may:
  1. Visit us in one of our Telecom shops and bring along the followings:
    1. Existing my.t decoder
    2. Remote control
    3. Power cable
    4. NIC of the person on whom the telephone line is registered
    5. An authorisation letter is required from the owner of line in case, the latter has not personally come for swapping
  2. Request for technical assistance on our whereby a technician will install the my.t 4K Smart Box at your place. A one-off fee of Rs 1,500 (VAT incl.) will be applicable for the technical intervention, on your next MT bill.
my.t TV app is super easy to set up.
Download the my.t TV app on your smartphone or tablet from Google PlayStore, AppStore and Huawei AppGallery.
Insert your login ID & password received by SMS during the installation of your my.t 4K Smart Box to enjoy the my.t TV app on your smartphone/tablet.
There are 3 ways:
  • Visit, go to my.t TV app section under my.t home section and enter your fixed line number, NIC & mobile number to recover your login ID and password.
  • Call us on 8902 for assistance
  • Visit your nearest Telecom Shop with your NID
(Only subscribers who have the my.t 4K Smart Box can access the my.t TV app.)
You can watch up to a total of 48 channels, depending on the availability of channels for TV packs you are subscribed to.
You may also rent a VOD & watch it on the go or continue watching any VOD you have already rented on your 4K Smart Box.
(Renting of VoD from my.t TV app is available on Android devices only)
Changing your password is easy. Grab your remote control, we take you with us in a few easy steps:
  • Switch on your my.t 4K Smart Box
  • Press the my.t button on your remote control
  • Scroll to 'My ACCOUNT'
  • Click on 'PROFILES'
  • Select 'Change Password' from the menu on the left-hand-side
  • Insert the old & new passwords. The default password is 1234. Your new password must be at least 6 characters.
  • The new password will now be the new password to login to the my.t TV app on your smartphone/tablet.
Note: We recommend you to change your password from time to time.
Currently, my.t TV app is accessible while you’re watching my.t TV channels and/or VoD.
You can access your my.t TV app on only 1 device, either your smartphone or your tablet.
The best thing about my.t TV is the my.t TV app, which allows you to:
  • Watch Live TV channels remotely
  • Catch-Up on missed programmes
  • Add a reminder of upcoming programme
  • Mark a channel as favourite or lock a channel
  • Subscribe to a TV pack with just one click (android devices only)
  • Rent a VoD & watch it (android devices only)
And if that’s not enough… There’s load of extra features available on your my.t TV app, including:
  • Watch up to 4 TV channels on your smartphone/tablet with the Multi-View feature
  • Cast a programme you are watching from your smartphone/tablet to your TV set and continue watching on your TV set
  • Use your smartphone/tablet as a remote control to change channels/volume of your 4K Smart Box
Yes, you currently need an internet connection to watch my.t TV app.
You can also purchase our fastest 24H No Limit Data for only Rs 15 by sending 15 by SMS on 8684.
This will enable you to enjoy my.t TV app channels on mobile data. For more details, visit :

Mauritius Telecom Ltd, Telecom Tower, Edith Cavell Street,
Port Louis 11302, Mauritius

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