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My.T 100 Mbps is a ‘premiere’ in Mauritius, an exclusivity of Mauritius Telecom for its valued customers. Now you will be able to experience ultra fast internet speed at home! Give your devices a kick in the speed.

Stream and download more movies, shows, and photos in just seconds! Connecting to all your devices (tablets, smartphones, PC, laptop, Smart TV..), simultaneously is no more a dream. It’s party time for the whole family.
Now enjoy the experience with My.T 100 Mbps!

My.T 100 Mbps

My.T 100 Mbps not only offers you super fast internet

You want the fastest. The most reliable. The most of everything you love.

My.T 100 Mbps powered by MT will put more peps in your digital step than anyone else, with 100% fiber optic network with Internet, TV, and voice.
Can you have it all? Yes.


The fastest internet speed


The most of everything you love: local, sports, news, music, kids and entertainment TV channels
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The most reliable way to stay connected with the world.
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Stream, share,… Do it all better with My.T 100 Mbps

You’re connecting to one of the fastest network with your wireless router. It keeps your signal strong as it makes the journey through the air – to your devices…

  • Dual band (2.4GHz/ 5GHz)
  • Customisation of WiFi network names
  • Automatic WiFi shutdown
  • Free from interference by other household devices at home

More of it all – it’s party time for your devices

What do I get?

Stream more, download more and share videos, photos and status updates on multiple devices at the same time.

Access to 50 My.T channels. View the My.T channels.

Stay in touch with friends and family around the globe with a calling plan that's right for your needs.

Rs 4,049 / month

Installation fee (once-off)
Rs 2,000

Download speed
Up to 100 Mbps

Upload speed
Up to 20 Mbps

Upgrade to higher speeds on my.t

Wi-Fi Experience

Expected Wireless Speed** over 2.4 GHz band

Speed Up to 40 Mbps

Expected Wireless Speed** over 5 GHz band

Speed Up to 100 Mbps

**Actual performance will depend greatly on factors that specific to your house and devices in use, including distance from the router, the mix of wireless products and operating systems used, wireless interference, building materials and construction and other conditions. These provided values are estimates assuming no obstruction. For best performance out of your broadband plan, we recommend a direct LAN cable connection.

Click here to know if your device supports 5GHz. On the left hand side of the webpage in the 'Brand' field, insert the brand of your smartphone. Ex: Apple/ Samsung/... You may also choose from the Categories checkbox. Then, choose the device from the list appearing by clicking on

Your device is 5GHz-compatible if:
Frequency Band(s): 5 GHz
Connectivity: Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ n

Are you getting 100 Mbps?

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