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Fixed Voice Battery Backup

Stay connected during power cuts

If you want to stay connected even during power cuts, opt for the Fixed Voice Battery Backup. The device allows voice over fibre customers to keep on using their phone and internet up to 5 hours* without electricity.

*May vary depending on usage


How it works?

how it works

Common Questions

It’s for residential and business customers whose fixed voice service is on fibre, and who wish to have a working fixed voice service in case of a power outage.

Yes, as long as you’ve a charged Battery Backup and connected to your Wi-Fi router. We recommend that you keep the Battery Backup plugged to an electrical source at all times to maintain full backup charge.

You may also make emergency calls from a mobile device.

No, it will not operate without power. The Battery Backup does not provide power to a cordless phone. To ensure uninterrupted service during a power outage, connect a standard wired phone directly to the back of the Wi-Fi router.

Yes. However, it is recommended to limit use of the backup power to emergency voice calling. Use of Internet may quickly drain the stored power.

The Battery Backup device provides up to 5 hours of basic service in the event of a power outage. It is recommended to limit the use of the backup power to emergency voice calling.

If you do not plan to use the Battery Backup for a long time, fully charge it, and then charge it at least once every 6 months.