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Value Added Services

Convenient call features to make your life easier

Golden number

Looking for an easy to remember fixed line number?

Call Waiting

Handle 2 calls at a time

Follow me

Transfer all your calls to a mobile or fixed number so as not to miss any important phone call

Caller-line identification

Caller Line Identification (CLI) shows the number of the person calling. The number won’t be displayed if the caller has restricted his caller identification.

3-way conference

3-Way Conference allows you to speak to 2 persons at the same time.
It is included for free when you have an MT fixed line.

Phone Lock

Phone Lock lets you restrict usage and access to your fixed telephone.

Caller-line identification Restriction (CLIR)

With Caller-Line Identification Restriction (CLIR), you can keep your number private.

Itemised Bill

Allows you to access your call details.

Call barring

Call Barring allows you to block incoming, outgoing and international calls on your fixed telephone.

*All prices are VAT excluded.

Note: VAS availability depends on the type of fixed telephone you have.