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Dual Room

What is dual room?

Watch all your TV channels on a 2nd TV with our dual-room service. You can watch different channels on each TV with this service.

How much does it cost?

Only Rs350 per month.

One-off fee of Rs1,000 (VAT incl.)

How do I subscribe?

You need to be already on fibre (FTTH) to be eligible to the dual-room service. You can subscribe by different ways:


Send 'dual [your my.t fixed line no.]' to 8751


Inbox us your my.t fixed line no. on our Facebook page

Call Us

on 8902 from your my.t fixed line at home

Telecom Shop

Go to your nearest Telecom Shop to subscribe


We will call you back for an appointment and a team will come to your place to install the 2nd decoder and configure your 2nd TV. We will install an additional cable between your fibre modem and the 2nd decoder/TV

Powerline Extender

Opt for a wireless installation for your dual room with our Powerline extender. No cabling is now required between your fibre modem and your 2nd TV decoder.

Conditions of dual-room service