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Controle du direct

Pause, Play, Rewind and Forward

Pause, Play, Rewind and Forward your favourite programme, just like when watching a DVD

More than 75 TV channels available on my.t can be paused, rewind & forward…


Watch all your TV channels in one glance!
  • Watch a glimpse of premium TV channels on the 4 mosaics.
  • Discover the mosaic channels on channel nos 996, 997, 998 and 999

Picture in Picture (PiP)

Watch 2 channels at the same time

How to access Picture in Picture?

  • While watching a live channel, press the -/-- button, situated at the bottom left of the my.t home remote control
  • Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate between channels

My Reminders

Never miss your favourite programme by setting a reminder on your my.t TV

How to set a reminder?

  • Press App button on my.t home remote control
  • Navigate to the programme you need a reminder for
  • press green F2 button
  • press OK

Parental control

Control what your kids are watching

Choose what channel or VoD your kids can watch with Parental Control feature.

To access Parental Control:

  • press button Menu on your remote control
  • navigate to SelfCare
  • navigate to Parental Control

Record a TV programme

Save your favourite show with our nPVR (network Private Video Recorder) service & watch it later

How do I record my show?

  • Press App button on my.t home remote control
  • Navigate to the channel & programme you want to record
  • Press red F1 button on remote control & recording starts
How do I watch my recordings?

  • Press blue F4 button on my.t home remote control
  • Navigate to nPVR
  • Press OK
  • You can now view your recordings

nPVR is available on channels: Boomerang, Gulli, Boing, TCM, CNN, RFM TV and MCM Top.