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Record a TV programme

No time to watch your favourite show right now and don't want to miss it?

Just save it for later and watch when you are free with our nPVR feature.

This feature is available on the following channels : Boomerang, Gulli, Boing, NHK World, Fashion TV One, TCM, CNN, MCM Top, RFM TV.

How do I record my show?

  • Press button App on your my.t remote control
  • Navigate with buttons to one of channels above and to programme you want to record
  • Press the red button F1 on your remote control
  • Your recording has been saved

How to watch my recordings?

  • Press the blue button F4 on your remote control
  • Navigate to My NPVR
  • Press OK
  • You can now view your recording, made available for X hours


Did you know?

You can also view your recordings on your mobile from the my.t app

  • Open your my.t app
  • Select More
  • Select My Recordings
  • Your recording has been saved