Small but Powerful

The Smart Box makes your home the most entertaining place on Earth


Smart box bridging the gap between Apps & TV channels

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

More apps to come


Discover premium TV channels on free viewing on your
smart box, channel no. 25.

Ports on the smart box

The LED will light up to green when powered on and 2 USB ports to connect external storage devices.

  • WAN: Port to connect your smart box to the local area network (LAN) for access to TV channels.
  • HDMI: Port to connect HDMI cable from TV set
  • AV: In case your TV set has no HDMI cable, you may connect it to the TV decoder via an AV cable through the port
  • TF: Port to connect SD card to the smart box

Want all these new features at your place?

  • Youtube
  • OCS GO
  • Media
  • This Week on my.t
  • VoD
  • Xplor

Super easy...
Get them all in your new Smart box at a one-off fee of only

Rs 1,500 (VAT inc.)*

* Applicable to all new my.t home customers.
See below my.t home offers with monthly rental that best suits your needs

remote control my.t

my.t remote control

Learn more about the buttons on your my.t remote control ?